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Rino Camato

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Rino Camato is an Italo-Canadian raised in Montreal Canada, where he pursued studies in life science leading him to earn a doctorate degree in experimental medicine in 1989. His career as a research scientist is marked by a passion for discovery - the very same passion that fuels his art and enables him to capture artistically his in depth understanding of the molecular universe and mysteries of life.

Through his vast scientific knowledge of the microscopic world, he is able to create an impressive array of vibrant paintings and has developped a new infographic photo silk-screen approach which he describes as a "serifography".

From 1996 to 2002 Rino has produced a large collection of  infographic  scientific  designs. His  catalog  has been adopted by numerous eminent professors from universities such as Harvard, NIH, Philadelphia and California (USA). Many teachers used Rino’s slides to present well illustrated mechanisms of gene regulation.

About his technique

Rino masters the art of matter and colour with great discipline. He  prefers  to work with  acrylics and  pastels or acquarel although he is equally fond of and  experiments with  mixed media, which adds a layer of relief to his work.

The artist also works in subdued light, thereby provoking a genuine  search for  intense and  opulent colours  that vibrate with light. Rino’s  painting depicts more than the molecular universe, however. This   theme  is  primarily  a  source  of  Inspiration   and  a means to  explore new  colour palettes and create images rich in movement and intensity.

Symbolism is at the heart of Rino’s abstract work, defining his  unquenchable thirst  for understanding the  origins of life and of the universe in all its magnificent complexity.

Nothing is monotonous in Rino Camato’s paintings.  His  work runs the gamut of many established art movements – from automatism  to  surrealism to symbolism – and always tells a story  which  insightfully  reaches  viewers,  each  differently. Indeed,  while  the  common thread  that runs  through each painting  is its  diversity, the  distinctive  character  of  Rino’s art work remains true to his creativity and luminosity.

Curriculum vitae


2003 summer Galerie Claire Obscur, Montréal, Canada

2004 autumn Expo solo: Galerie Mosaikart, Montréal, Canada

2004 summer Exhibit Black Philadelphia,  Pensylvania, USA

2005 winter McCarthy &Tétrault Avocats, Montréal, Canada

2005 spring Banque de Montréal, Montréal, Canada

2005 summer 1er prix Symposium Art et Paroles, Montréal, Canada

2005 autumn Hôtel de Ville de Montréal, Montréal, Canada

2006 spring Festival International Expo Art de Mtl, Montréal, Canada

2006 summer Festival Int. Montréal en Arts (FIMA) Montréal, Canada

2006 summer Musée Mont-Saint-Hilaire, Expo Bleu, Montréal, Canada

2006 autumn Musée du Château Dusfresne, Montréal, Canada

2006 autumn Musée municipal D’Orense, Galicia, Espagne

2006 autumn Prix distinction Centre.culturel Popesco, Montréal, Canada

2006 autumn Expo solo: Galerie Mosaikart, Montréal, Canada

2007 winter Expo solo: Complexe St-Laurent, La Prairie, Montérégie

Private collections

Many artworks  already sold  in USA, Europe, Canada and South America

Art training

1970-1973 Arts plastiques, Montreal art faculty

1988-1989 Graphic Arts, Laval University

Since 1990 Self-directed and private training in art design


1973-1975 DEC in science, Rosemount College, Mtl

1975-1977 B.Sc. in Biology, Sherbrooke University

1978-1980 M.Sc. in Biochemistry, Inst. Claude Bernard, Fr.

1984-1989 Ph.D. in Experimental Medicine, Laval University

1990-1992 Post doctoral studies Institute of Cancer, Mtl


1994-2002 President and CEO of Biotech company

Actually Contemporary artist