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How to order

1) Visit our different collections under "Artuel Gallery Collections"

2) Select and browse an artwork of your choice: description, author, price, dimension, enlarged pricture

4) Send us an email to tell us about your interest on a specific artwork

Artuel Gallery will respond in the next 48 hours

Payments and confirmation

Artuel Gallery will send you a PayPal Invoice.

If you never dealth with PayPal before, you need to open an account. It is free and secure.
Login to your account.
Follow instructions in order to process payment.
Note : you can either pay by credit or by money transfer from your bank account to your paypal account.


Shipping costs

Shipping and handling costs vary depending of the size, weight, value and distance.

The shipping cost will appear in the billing form, and will be charged separately as detailed.

The shipping insurance cost is also included separately of the purchase price.

Customs fees, taxes and duty for items shipped to an international address are the responsibility of the buyer.

Costs may vary slightly because of special shipping or handling  conditions  required by  specific foreign countries

Transport & Delivery

We deliver our goods door-to-door worldwide within the quickest possible conditions  and at the lowest cost possible. We use only renowed express delivery companies.

Articles in-stock will be shipped within 5 days. We will contact you if a special order or shipping adress requires more time to  be delivered.

Any lost or damaged shipment not reported to Artuel Gallery within 20 days of the order date is the customer responsibility.